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Conditions We Treat

Neck Pain and Headaches

Many headaches people experience are called “cervicogenic” or, originating from the neck.  Tight neck muscles due to neck vertebrae being out of their normal alignment (subluxations) can cause very painful headaches!

Poor posture, “sleeping wrong”, bad pillows, bad ergonomics at work and home, and numerous other causes can move the spine out of proper alignment, which causes muscle pain as well as can place pressure on the spinal nerves that exit through holes between each vertebra.

A chiropractic adjustment can realign the vertebra and stretches and exercises will help to keep the spine in its normal alignment, and will thus help to reduce headaches that are caused by neck subluxations. Tightness at the base of the neck on the left or the right, with the inability to rotate the head equally to the left and right is a condition that chiropractic can treat very easily.

Why live with headaches and pop ibuprofen when a simple, painless adjustment may be all that is needed?

Back Pain

If you are experiencing back pain, you are not alone!

Four out of five individuals will experience significant low back pain in their lives!  It is also the most common cause of lost work days for persons under age 45.

There are many types of low back pain (e.g., pain on the right or left side of the back, pain right at the middle, stabbing pain, a aching pain, pain perceived as muscle tightness, etc.) all of which chiropractic treatments can help resolve, often times in as little as 1 or 2 visits!

The vast majority of Dr. John’s patients who are suffering from low back pain get immediate and significant relief in their first adjustment!

There are many causes of low back pain including improper lifting techniques, a pelvis that has rotated out of its normal position (very common), unsupported feet in improper footwear (also extremely common), weak gluteus muscles (butt muscles), poor posture, sitting without a lumbar support (especially at work), and any other of a variety of conditions that place inordinate stresses upon the spine, causing muscle imbalances and pain.

In a recent study of back pain, chiropractic treatment was rated as more beneficial, quicker, and longer lasting than treatment by a patient’s primary care provider.

There are a wide variety of conservative, painless, and drug-free treatment options Dr. John uses to treat low back pain.  After relieving your low back pain and getting you out of your acute phase, Dr. John will identify the one or more causes of your back pain and will give you a series of corrective exercises and stretches to help prevent further occurrences.
There is no reason for the chronic cycle of on-again, off-again back pain that many Americans suffer through each year.

Extremity Pain and Dysfunction

Do you have shoulder pain and/or dysfunction, elbow pain, hand/wrist pain, TMJ, hip pain, knee pain, foot and/or ankle pain?

Dr. John is one of about 800 chiropractic extremity specialists (CCEP) in the world, and one of only three in all of Tennessee. Treatment of the whole body is based on a properly functioning kinetic chain, which starts at the feet. Even minor subluxations of the foot and ankle can have dramatic repercussions on the entire body, especially the knees, hips, and low back. A proper extremity analysis and adjustment will change the way you view chiropractic.

What is CCEP?

The Council on Extremity Adjusting provides advanced training to chiropractors, leading to the Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner certification.  A CCEP  recognizes that treatment of the whole body requires synchrony between the nervous system and the mechanical control system of the kinetic chain. Subluxations of any joint have both neurological and mechanical components.

Many patients suffer repetitive subluxations and nerve entrapments because the mechanical component is ignored, leaving root causes undiscovered and untreated. The goal of the Council is to provide doctors with the tools necessary to easily diagnose and treat these injuries, incorporating both neurological and mechanical treatments.

Mechanoreceptors are embedded in the tissues surrounding joints. When these tissues get stretched by a misalignment of the joint, this activates an inhibition or weakening of the adjacent muscle. Discovery of these weak muscles and correction of the misaligned joint to restore normal strength is the specialty of the CCEP doctor.