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Essential Oils Class

Thursday, March 23rd at 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Sport and Wellness Chiropractic Center is sponsoring a free class on essential oils. Discover what essential oils are and how to use them to support wellness in your family. Learn how to strengthen your immune system, promote cellular health, support healthy digestion, elevate mood, assist with relaxation, and MORE! The class size is limited to 6, so if you are interested please schedule ASAP.

Some of the conditions essential oils may help with are:

  • immune support—fight colds, flu, etc
  • sleep
  • allergies
  • pain–nerve, muscle and joint soreness
  • emotional support and stress
  • respiratory support
  • headaches/migraines
  • skin issues
  • digestive issues
  • improve energy and metabolism
  • first aid—burns, cuts, bug bites, etc.
  • natural cleaning products, laundry
  • freshen and purify the air without toxins
  • bug repellant

Presented by: Amber Culbreth RDN, CSG, LDN

Amber is a Registered Dietitian and Essential Oil Wellness Advocate


CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE or click the SCHEDULE NOW button and click on CLASSES. Select the Essential Oils class on Thursday, March 23rd at 6:30. Again, class size is limited.