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Stretches and Exercises

“What can I do to help me hold the adjustment and feel better?”

I get asked that question all the time. We feel pain in those places on our bodies that are not moving the way they are supposed to. There are two major activities you can do to help your adjustments hold and dramatically reduce your chronic back pain.

First, let’s work on your core!  Dr. John will be happy to work on this with you, but in the meantime here are two excellent videos from Chiropractor Dr. Dr. Eric Goodman, and his “Foundation Training”.  Dr. John does these exercises every day and has noticed an improvement in his core and has eased his recent back pain as a result of an injury.

Foundation Training

The 30-Day Challenge. Only a few minutes a day can change your life!

Prone Decompression of the Spine. This takes more time and is more difficult, but excellent.


The second thing you can do to help your pain and become stronger and more flexible is yoga.  Yoga helps keep the body’s parts moving the way they are meant to and dramatically decreases pain by increasing motion!  There are many yoga studios in Knoxville and Dr. John can help guide you to one in your area.

Here are two videos and website I highly recommend.

Yoga for Beginners


This video will lead you through a basic yoga session that will help you stretch tight muscles and build leg and core strength.

Below is a 10 minute introduction to yoga video. While I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to find a reputable yoga studio (like to help guide you through a yoga session, this video will provide some basic, very safe poses that will help you begin your journey to a more flexible and pain free body.

Exercises You Can Do At Work

Print this off and put it in your workspace! Get up and move every 30 minutes or so.

Office / Home Exercise Poster